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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Abbey Park

What a beautiful, quiet, tranquil serene park Abbey park is. Shame the 35min walk to it wasn't!
Yay more environments, which means more tree's! just what I like, not.

On a serious reflectional note, I do like trees its just I'm not pro at rendering them yet so they tend to be a bit of a pain to draw. Just time consuming really but hey its all good fun, Im sure ive learned something new from this project.

So I took a fair few pictures during my stay, not as many as I'd have liked however. And I meant to return, hopefully on a day with cheerier weather : /  but sadly never managed to fit it in. SO here is a few i had to work from, ill add scans of my thumbnails as soon as I've scanned them...

I ended up chosing this one for my digital final because I have never tried painting a reflection, or this many leaves for that matter, so i thought if i can pull it off then ill have learned something valuable in the process -

After about 10 hours... *ouch* here is my final result and where I decided to stop picking at it.

I based it as accurately as i could on the reference image but for sake of shaving some time off the total, I left some out. I didn't like how grey the original was so I painted in more saturated colours.

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