The Art of James Teeple

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Leicester, United Kingdom
I'm 21 / DMU Art Student / British-American.


My 3D game art.
 Top to bottom in order of newest.
 My First Vehicle "Ford Transit Connect"

My First Character - "Gladiator" Modeled Low Poly and Rigged in 3ds Max.
My "Gladiator" hand painted diffuse texture.
For a first attempt I was pleased it worked well enough.

Low poly Trash game assets.

Quick trash render
Hotel- Modeled in 3ds Max and imported to UDK

More practice in Zbrush. From memory.

Self Portrait- Zbrush

Self Portrait character, High poly sculpt - Concept for Mortal Engines project.

Details from Mortal engines high poly sculpt.

Low Poly, under 9k Triangles

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