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Monday, 27 May 2013

Documentation - FMP dry run

Ok so this topic excited me somewhat, because Ive been sitting on some idea's recently that have been burning away at me and desperately needed exploring further.
For this I'm aiming to document one idea I originally have for an entire game, however I will cut it short for a potential FMP project and I'm hoping by the end of my research Ill have a better estimate whether its too ambitious or not.

Idea - Setting:  Short First/ third person hyper realistic role playing experience, set in a universe similar to our own, and knocking at the technological doors of the Iron age. With stone, bronze and leather still being predominantly used.
You are a member of a semi nomadic people, loosely related to a mix of Gaulish and Mayan civilization.

Encounter: You play as a male character. You awake dazed and covered in building debris. As you stand free of the rubble of that was your hut, you are met with a confused scene of devastation...
In front of you lies a path of semi destruction, but of an unusual nature. Where once wooden huts lined the path the lead to your house, there was now only remnants of what once stood there bar a few smaller buildings.

The main the dirt path was scarred with great lacerations up to 10 foot in length, splitting the forest floor and raking up low lying roots.
There are no signs of human life either to be seen or heard where once lived well over 50 individuals. No signs of battle, blood or bodies. Just a chaotic mess leading straight down the clearing to the foot of the deep forest.

The air is quiet, and all that you can hear clearly is the shrill ringing in your ears that tell you, you must have been knocked out by a falling beam and awoke only after the mayhem was over.

FMP Brief -I will be aiming to complete, one small natural environment, One character, One creature, and two interactive objects within the environment, i.e. A weapon, and either helmet or a shield.
I will also be aiming to create custom animations for the Character and the creature; Something I have seen one of the current third year achieving in UDK and since discussing it with him, I now believe it possible with sufficient time know-how.

Technical specificationsTechnical target: Current / Next Gen
Software used:
Zbrush, 3ds Max, Knald...
UDK 3 (possibly 4)
Level dimensions: Interactive zone - 80 meter's long by 60 meters wide
Lower LOD zone + 100 meters to length and width
NPC's: One
Playable Characters:
Interactive objects:
Custom Animations: Yes

Player Character - Technical specs

Tris budget 30,000 tri's
General Texture budget - 2048 x 2048 textures
Animated walk/ fast walk cycle
Animated grabbing motion. (optional)
Animated fight stance. (optional)
Character Description
Middle aged male, long dark hair, injured and covered in dirt/ degree. Medium build, primitive clothing, Interesting characteristics.
NPC - Technical specs
Tri's budget 40,000
General Texture budget - 2048 x 2048 textures
Animated entrance to scene
NPC Description
A four legged animal, large dimentions. Based losely on elements of a Boar, tiger, armadillo, sabre toothed marsupial, giant ground sloth.

Visual Research!
Character design -

Creature design -


Set in a thickly forested region, a small community lived there in houses built from natural materials and some stonework. (small area accessable to player)
(repeatable) Most buildings destroyed, torn terrain, broken tree's and torn up roots.
Particles - Falling leaves, wind moving grass and leaves.
Possibly Fire in a crushed dwelling.

Technical specifications
100k -120k tri's Max
Modular pieces, Repeatable elements.
4 x 2048 unique texture sheet (groups - Diffuse, normal, specular, etc)
5x 1024 unique texture sheet including alpha's
4 x 512 texture sheets (lODs)
Visual Research

Lots of rough guesstimates and plenty more thinking to do. I have probably MASSIVELY over estimated how much I can do but better to aim high and scale down to a realistic goal, than to aim too low and underwhelm.
Ill leave it there for now...

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