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Monday, 27 May 2013

Interior Design - Tavern Taphouse

For this visual design project I was asked to design an interior, more specifically a bar of some kind.
As it followed on the footsteps of our group project, thought it was great timing as I could use this project as an opportunity to design and Interior for my Bear Tavern. Which was something I had not done but really wished I could have.

I immediately began doing a little bit of research and generated a mood board to start out with.

 I then use my Tavern models size and scale as a guide to building a floor and wall plan for the ground floor where the Taproom would be.
I then began sketching up some idea's for the layout of the room. Key features I needed to consider were things like the bar needing enough space, and there needing to be a staircase leading to the upper floors somewhere there.
I settled a idea and drew a more detailed version to use as a guide when building my interior.

 From this I then generated a whitebox where I used lights inside of 3ds Max to get a feel for the lighting. I also re-used some elements from my tavern assets  as it was pointless to redo work I'd already done to the same design. The rest I modeled and unwrapped fresh for texturing.

Final Image
As you can see there above, is the final renders and presentation shot. Some of the details in the scene were hand painted in, such as the painting over the bar, and the bears skull trophy. The overall interior layout makes sense to me, and If I were to make this an actual environment, I'm sure it would work well.
In the end I'm quite pleased with it, and I wouldn't mind going for a drink there... looks cosey ;)

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