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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Mortal Engines - Creative Self Portrait: Research & Concepting

For this project my task was to use myself as reference in creating an interesting 3D character based around 'Mortal Engines' by Philip Reeve.
I had a read of the book, and found it interesting but couldn't decide on any particular character mentioned.
I had a feeling I would like to attempt creating a character that involved armour, perhaps a Guard or form of police. One because I love the design of plate armours, but also because I had not seen it done before by anyone on the course so far, and I fancied being a bit different. Little did I know what a challenge I was walking into...
I began collecting images of a slightly medieval/ steam punk nature and generated some mood boards.
Once I had made these mood boards, I began collecting an extensive reference library of images that related and began to do some rough concepts.

I settled on the Idea of a guard for one of the richer tiers in the moving city

Some more steam punk/ medieval idea's

More finalized character concept

So my dude ended up looking relatively Guard-ish... By the time I got to this stage I was eager to move on to modeling. I knew that when I moved onto modeling, I may need to change things and concept dynamically in 3D anyway.

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