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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Omegle Game History Chat!

When talking about Computer games and their history, why not find out someone elses experience with games as they grew up or in adulthood. Who better to ask that a random stranger! could make for interesting research :D 

 I decided to try this plan out and the only other way i knew you could just randomly chat to a totally unscripted stranger is to use It connects you to a random stranger anywhere in the world who is also on it. Why not aye? No harm is seeing what comes out of it. This Omegle chat log is evidence of my first attempt...

 You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hiya asl?
You: Hey! Lets talk about Games :D Xbox, PS3 or PC?
Stranger: xbox and ps3!
You: Awesome!
You: Have you played games for long?
Stranger: yeah since i was around 5
You: Long time!
You: What was the first game you played?
Stranger: hmmm
Stranger: it would either have to be crash or spyro
You: I loved Crash Bandicoot! And i had all the Spiro games
You: What was your favourite?
Stranger: i think i still have all of them! hmmm and thats a hard choice...
You: Mine was year of the dragon
You: I still do too xD  
You: PS1 Slim ftw
Stranger: oh man i have the orignal ps1
You: So im guessing your first console was a PS1?
Stranger: yes it was! followed by the nintendo 64 if im not mistaken
You: Sweet, I never owned one of those... :(
You: So do you have a clear fav on the N64?
Stranger: super mario 64!
You: great choice
You: I loved Golden eye
Stranger: YES!
Stranger: i was debating between golden eye and super mario
You: Would you say then that Games consols have had a profound influence on you growing up?
Stranger: uhm
Stranger: well im not sure, thinking back i think it was just something i enjoyed doing
Stranger: not really something that influenced who i am today
You: I see :D
You: So you mainly saw it as a pass time?
Stranger: yeah pretty much i would say
You: It had no influence on your aspirations growing up? What you want to / wanted to do when you grew up?
Stranger: not really, i just thought they were extremely fun to play
You: k cool I think most would say similar dont worry!
Stranger: lol im not
You: I myself saw games as an inspiration in my later childhood, They helped influence me artisticly :D
You: aswell as being just plain fun
You: So if you had never encountered computer games, do you think you'd be any different?
Stranger: so would you say youre artistically adept because of playing games?
You: they helped yes, the visual information and creativity mostly
Stranger: and im not sure, maybe it could have sparked something with computer technology
You: along side films and real life experiences of cource :D
Stranger: and i see, that makes sense
You: I see thats cool
You: Is there anything that made you decide against a career in the games industry?
You: say involving computer technology
You: that side of it
Stranger: not at all, i never put the idea of a career with games
You: Oh ok, cool then
You: So were you ever ridiculed for playing a game?
You: I know i was at times!
Stranger: no because i surrounded myself with people who enjoyed games as much as i did, and if they didnt i could always relate somehow
You: that makes sense
You: I did something similar
You: But i had friends from, different groups shall we say
You: Runescape was a big one!
You: SO you might say, you found comradeship though the help of games?
Stranger: Runescape!
Stranger: that was my game for a really long time...
Stranger: and yes, almost everyone i knew played something
You: It was great in its golden years :D
You: 3 years on and off for me to be precise
You: Do you know if any of either your parents, or adult figures in your childhood played Games?
Stranger: my parents never lol
You: Things like Arcade's ?
You: ok fair enough. Neither did mine!
Stranger: no my parents arent from this country
You: ok cool
You: So do you still follow the gaming industry? if so, where do you think its headed in the next 5 - 10 years?
You: if you have no idea, make a guess! :D
You: wild card
Stranger: yeah i still play, i was playing mw3 a couple hours ago
Stranger: and virtual reality i think
You: awesome, can you expand on that idea?
Stranger: well we'll be able to immerse ourselves in the virtual reality world and be able to interact with it,
You: So kind of like The Matrix?
You: immersion technology I definitely think is on the horizon, i dont know how soon though. I wish it was now :O
You: Full immersion that is
Stranger: yeah kinda like the matrix
Stranger: and that would just be it, the peak of it all
You: The closest thing to it right now is Kinect would you say?
Stranger: definitely
You: Me too
You: Is there anything you'd like to ask me before I go?
Stranger: idk we've discussed so much...
You: we have! And thank you for talking :D
Stranger: no problem! :D
Stranger: it was a pleasure!
You: Its been very interesting, and a pleasure also
You: Take care stranger!
Stranger: likewise! 
You: laters

You have disconnected. 

Well that went pretty well I'd say for  first attempt! Totally unscripted questions, so i think next time i might organize it a bit.

Laters ;)

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