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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Concepts- The Behemoth.


This is a colour development from a series of concept sketches I worked on a while back. They were never used so I thought i'd spruce them up. I always wondered what my Behemoth would look like fleshed out...
This was a 10 minute quickie, but I hope to develop the concept further in future. I have always been interested in Insects and animals, and my inspiration for this was a collection of pictures of moths and Other  insects, which i dissected and rearranged to form one cohesive creature. Then i worked from that collage and rendered a pencil sketch of my concept.
My intention was to give the creature colossal scale to enhance the threatening anatomy it was sporting, and give it a otherworldly sense of belonging.
It may scare some and look cuddly to others, but that's where the phobias come it I guess. My girlfriends mom thinks Moths are devil spawn, but i know not all do ;)
It was not intended to be an aggressor, but more of a docile giant, when scaled next to the puny human. Flipped the scales you might say...

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