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Friday, 13 January 2012

Dhurik the Dwarf.

This was a random painting I decided to do when I got back on Sunday because I felt I was being very unproductive and it was about time I did some art after a lazy Christmas...
I loosely knew I wanted to draw a fantasy Dwarf Character, D&D sorta style.. but with my own twist.
just over two hours later this had emerged. I don't normally like to use any kind of reference, instead I try to challenge my memory of shape, form and anatomy at first. so I just set about scribbling in Gimp 2.6 Painter.

  It started off as a pile up of about five layer, starting with the loose line art to guide adding tone.  This is a rough lay out of the stages I went through thanks to me saving quite frequently, I wouldn't normally be able to do this as i don't tend to think that far ahead lol...

As you can see on the end there. I added a few more layer in overlay mode and layered on some colour which worked nicely and took only 20 minutes-ish. This was the first time i'd gone about painting this way, starting totally in grey-scale then adding colour later.

I am quite pleased at how it turned out, for a quick painting. I mean to do this again but perhaps with less fantasy themed material.

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