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Thursday, 19 April 2012


Diablo Inspired Demon concept.
Like most of my surprisingly refined paintings i manage to do, this started off as a mindless doodle and grew and grew. Eventually I had gotten so engrossed in it that i decided to paint it and try out some different looks for it. As you can see here, the evolution of the design through to the more final painting. where i am currently exploring backgrounds and whether or not to expand it to a torso and so on...
My Inspiration to start this doodle came after watching an interview with Christian lightner who is a lead Designer with Blizzard Entertainment and is currently working on Diablo Three.
If you havent already seen it, this is a invaluable insight into what goes on in the art scene on big budget games told by one of the pro's.
Christian Lightner- GDC Vault

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