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Friday, 6 April 2012

Time to love myself

By I mean spend hours drawing my own sweet face.
This is of course, the Self portrait task. Something I'm quite looking forward too because portraits are something I'm quite familiar with and feel quite comfortable doing.
anyway lets not waste time.. I got stuck in!

Ok so they start off a bit "Errrrr ?"

Getting better! but still not quite right... I'm discovering its very difficult to draw and look at yourself in a mirror without shifting position so subtly so many times! This one was A3

That's more like it! I'm finally happy with this one, and its slightly odd as i decided to draw in one shade of blue colouring pencil and on pink card. I spent about 4 hours on that one and purely by chance i have discovered a new love for colouring pencils. Truly, they are so nice to use for shading.

So overall im happy with the outcome. Thanks for stopping by,

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