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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Gladiator- A bit old now but worth a post...

With this project I think I was most inspired by the recent series Spartacus Blood and Sand. It helped lead me to this quite simple costume design and also made me really want to focus on homing my anatomy as best as I could within the tri limit.

I modeled this character from geometric shapes and did not use a high poly model.

There was many new hurdles for me in this project. Such as never having modeled a human form in 3D software or rigged anything before. Also It was a my first experience of painting textures from scratch.
But I tackled them like I do all such things and just picked up the tools and got stuck in! In the end I actually really enjoyed the modeling and felt very satisfied when i finished the the character. I'm quite pleased with myself and proud of what I achieved this time. But I know I can do better so I am just looking forward to doing more of the same and doing it better.

This was my finished painted Diffuse texture. Painted at 2048, scaled down to 1024.

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