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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Masters Project: Frank Frazzetta Study

The Artist I've chosen to emulate as closely as possible, Is one of my all time favorite artists Frank Frazetta, I talked more about in my first blog.

His artwork is one of the sole inspirations that pushed me into art when i was growing up and since discovering his full works at a young age, I was mesmerized ever since. Frank's work had that affect on a lot of peoples lives so I've learned. He is considered a grandmaster of his genre of art, and his legendary status will carry on through his legacy.

This is a kind of tribute to him as he recently passed away last year and I've always wanted to try and emulate his style and hopefully unlock some secrets by doing so.

I am going to be painting Death Dealer, one of his more famous and iconic illustrations

Here is my first stage done. I focused on masking out an accurate silhouette before adding colours with digital brush strokes trying to emulate the oil paints he used.



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