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Friday, 20 April 2012

Game Review: Fable- The Lost Chapters
Fable: The lost Chapters is a Action  RPG genre type of game. It was developed for Xbox, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows by Big Blue Box, a satellite developer of Lionhead Studios. The game was bublished by Microsoft. 

The Plot:
In the land of Albion, you start off your adventure as a young boy safe in the confides of his village and blissfully unaware of the approaching danger and epic adventure he would eventually engulf his life.

The main characters:
You- The hero: Your adventure really kicks off as you hit you late teens/ early adulthood when you begin to venture outside of the guild of hero’s and take up more dangerous and difficult quests.
Thunder: An enormous black hero that you meet very early on in the game and encounter again quite violently later in the quest line.
Twin Blade:
The hulk sized leaded of a large bandit clan.
Your guide
Mage: A seemingly wise and friendly wizard who helps you on your journeys until the story takes a shocking twist.
Sister: Long lost sister who you meet in your earliest stages of childhood and don’t see again after the bandit attack on Oakvale for many years…
Jack of Blades:
The main villain in Fable.
My thoughts of the game in the first few hours were of mixed feelings. At first I didn’t really get it. The art style was quite unique and although starting the game as a boy was a new concept to me, I don’t think I really appreciated the first hour or so until it started to click. But I guess like any new game it normally takes a little while to adjust to its play style.
However, once I got that first pang of excitement after slaughtering a giant killer wasp and then parading its head around the guild, I was intrigued. Then came the fart emote… and I was hooked.
What I think I loved most about Fable, was the humor. At times clever, crude, abrupt and downright dirty! It was just hellishly fun running up to guard and farting in their face or flirting with the local tarts around town. Oh and of course the combat was good fun too. I particularly liked the magic system. It felt quite unique and there is so many spells that it gives you a real sense of choice as to what kind of magic user you wanted to become. I also loved how you had complete control over what talents, physical traits or spells you wanted to progress and master and, how they could directly affect the appearance of your hero.
Customization is one of the main reasons I love role playing games and how they give you a strong sense of control over your character and who they are.
For me there was a huge vanity appeal in Fable. One of my favorite obsessions was collecting the many tattoo cards and haircut styles out there to customize my appearance. But the other interesting dynamic was that you had lasting evidence of a tattoo scar after you replaced it with another one. This made you want to think carefully about how you abused your hero’s appearance. That’s if all that really mattered to you, I did to me at least.

My personal RPG gaming mark criteria:
Gameplay: 9.5
Combat: 9
Movement: 9
NPC Interaction: 10
Challenges and Quests: 9.5
What I liked:
Strongest points:
What I didn’t like:
Weakest Points:

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